Art Lovers in Paris
Loving art is loving Rome


Comments from Arthur Blumenthal's Student:

  • "Just a note to express to you my sheer pleasure for your inspiring class ... I have been awed and changed by it! Not only do I "see" art in a richer, fuller way, but the class allowed me to validate my own impressions. Having to verbally express my reaction to a work of art engaged all my sensibilities. Thank you for transporting me from a viewer to one who "owns" Massimo Stanzione's painting of "Rest on the Flight into Egypt." You taught me to go beyond seeing to "entering" (internalizing) a masterpiece and experiencing its energy and deeper dimensions."
Arthur in the Louvre




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  • "For they (art and beauty) are not the thing itself; they are only the scent of a flower we have not found, the echo of a tune we have not heard, news from a country we have never visited." C. S. Lewis
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Kimberly  Sheppard

Morison stayed in the Trastevere district when he lived in Rome (for six months, as part of the Rome Prize award). I'm enjoying your blog very much. Such exciting happenings. The pictures are fabulous. I love that DeMura was a philanthropist as well as an artist. (I WANT A SMART CAR! I fell in love with them when Mo and I were last in Italia....)
All is well here. Your kitties are happy and your house is newly cleaned ($75). I sat on the deck writing and meditating while Elke slaved away.
It's beautiful here, and... I dream of Italy.
My love to you both. -kimberly

Michelle Anderson

You look just like Mother in this photo--I gasped as I opened it up! She would have loved all of this don't you think? Or rather, she's loving it now! I wish I were there with you--I'd help Arthur's search so you and I would have time to shop for leather!
Happy Easter! Love, Moo

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